Top 3 Best Pet Trackers and GPS Locators Reviewed in 2016

Top 3 Best Pet Trackers and GPS Locators Reviewed in 2016

If you’re like me, your pet or pets aren’t just some animals carelessly running around your house. They are part of your family and you care for them just like you would any other human. It is your top priority to give your animal the absolute best and always make sure they are well taken care of.

Some pets make it a little tough to care for them by finding ways to escape our care. If you have a fenced in yard or kennel, dogs like to escape by fitting through a small opening, climbing over or digging a hole under. In some cases dogs like (or dislike) cars, people, or other critters a little too much and tend to race down the road to catch them. If you’re cat owner, you may have experienced your cat sneaking out the door when you weren’t looking or if you have an outdoor cat it’s gone for a little too long and it starts to make you worry.

Ultimately, we care for our pets and it’s our top priority to keep them safe. This is why a pet tracker can be an incredible tool at a reasonably low cost. In these next few paragraphs I’ll bring you up to speed on what you should look for in a pet tracker and the best ones out there. Here we go!

Top 3 – Best Pet Locator

After reviewing countless GPS for pets, I’ve narrowed it down to these top 3 best pet locators. Makes sure to check out the full review of each product and also get the absolute best price out there!

Whistle Pet GPS Tracker Review

gps for catsThe Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is actually one of the coolest designs out on the market today. It has all of the bells and whistles that you could possibly want and more. It’s hard to believe that 10 million pets get lost each year and 90% of them without ID never make it home. Whistle is here to dramatically lower that statistic and make sure that if your pet goes on an adventure, you’ll be able to find it. The Whistle GPS tracker attaches right your pets collar and is tracked through an app on your phone that has a subscription fee.

In a sense, this is a gps collar since it attaches to your dog’s collar, but it isn’t it’s own collar. This is a great choice for anyone looking to keep track of their dog.

Check out Whistle Trackers

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

gps collar for dogsTractive provides you with real-time GPS tracking of your loved one right from your smart phone. Tractive is also one of the very few manufactures that have designed multiple models that are built to fit your pets size and personality. Whether you want a cat tracker for your kitty or a dog tracker for your St. Bernard, Tractive has something for you!

The Tractive pet finder is device that attaches directly to the collar of your animal and is tracked by an app on your phone in real time for a low monthly cost.

Check out Tractive Trackers

Marco Polo Pet Monitoring System Review

dog tracking collarsMarco Polo has taken a little more traditional approach as a pet tracking device and uses a stand-alone device instead of a phone app like the others I’ve reviewed. It also does not use any type of GPS or cell service, it is completely stand alone, which means no monthly fee. It also means that you can use it anywhere, not just where you have reception. It’s extremely long battery life and 2-mile radius is great for most situations. If you’re looking for a more traditional tracking system that doesn’t cost you monthly and doesn’t rely on GPS or cell towers, this is the dog tracker collar for you!

Check out our full review below.

Check out Marco Polo Trackers

What to look for in a Pet Tracker

You certainly don’t have to be an expert to pick out the right GPS dog collar for your pets, but you will know exactly what you need to after reading these easy and simple bullet points that I have assembled for you.

Let’s dig in!

  • Collar Size: Depending on the size of your animal you will need to consider the actual size of the GPS tag that sits or dangles from the collar. The last thing you want is your tiny Chihuahua tripping and stumbling over a gigantic dog GPS tag.
  • Cats & Dogs: Some pet trackers are meant specifically for dogs because of the size or design. You’ll want to make sure you’re picking something up that is compatible with your specific animal. Some smaller units might work as a cat GPS, but you will really want to be sure it isn’t too heavy on your animal’s neck.
  • Durability: If your dog is extremely active and likes to dig, crawl and run excessively, considering the durability of your pet GPS dog tracker.
  • How does it attach? Some GPS tracker for dogs attach directly to the collar as where some dangle down like a typical dog tag.
  • GPS Interface: The GPS interface is how you track your pet. Depending on the brand, this could be an app on your phone or a stand-alone handheld unit.
  • Compatibility: If the pet tracker’s GPS interface is an app on your phone, make sure that the iOS or Android app compatible with your phone.
  • Fees and Subscriptions: Depending on the brand you choose, there is a small fee per month that you will have to pay. Fee and subscription costs are to pay for the cost of using the dog GPS tracker system.

These are the most important features and specs to look for in any kind of GPS for dogs or cats. These bullet points should directly affect which pet GPS tracker to choose.

Cat Trackers vs. GPS Dog Collars

The main difference between cat trackers and GPS dog collars is in most cases the actual size of the unit. Cat trackers are generally smaller and lighter weight so the cat doesn’t get annoyed. Cat trackers serve the same purpose as dog GPS collars as they both are made to locate your pet through GPS. GPS dog collars are generally larger and designed to be much more durable and that cat trackers. Dogs tend to be much more excessively active, which can be tough on their locator.

In each review I will make sure to specify if the device is okay for use on both cats and dogs, that way there is no confusion.

My Vote for Best GPS Pet Tracker

gps cat trackerLike I said earlier, these are all great options for pet trackers, but for my particular situation I would choose the Whistle GPS pet tracker. I personally am a fan of the GPS app interface and the size unit is perfect for my dogs.

If I lived where cell service wasn’t too great or if I took my dogs up camping, I would certainly prefer the Marco Polo Pet Monitoring system.

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