douglet-harmentin about meHi, my name is Douglet Harmentin and this is basically a blog page that was created by me, a pet owner who is obsessed with cool gadgets, automatic pet supplies and of course animals! Currently I have 2 dogs and 1 cat, but that is subject to change at any moment in time. I say “currently” because I foster cats, dogs, squirrels, pigs and anything that needs a home or rehabilitating.

These pet supplies are important to me because having a variety of pets come through the door can mean lots of time of feeding, changing the litter and even searching outside for a cat that decided to go on it’s own adventure. All these pet supplies cut down on time spent doing the repetitive easy work so I can focus on what’s important.

Your situation may look much different than mine, but that does not mean that making the switch to an automatic feeder, self cleaning litter box, or microchip cat flip would not be worth it for you. Getting rid of these tasks frees up your time to love on and play with your pet. So if you don’t do this for you, do it for you pet!

Throughout my website you’ll find helpful tips and tricks that make owning a pet simpler as well as detailed guides on how to pick out the right product for you!


– Douglet Harmentin